Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spin 2 Delightful Tunes From Poundstore Riot Here

I first read the name of this band as Poundstone Riot. Then I got it right: Poundstore Riot.

In America we've got "dollar stores" and they are like another universe of awfulness. I would hope the equivalent in the U.K. would be a good deal better.

Poundstore Riot is Ash Cooke, from Pulco and Derrero, and Stuart Kidd, from The Wellgreen. So far these two -- a Welshman and a Scot -- have cranked out 2 tunes that are redolent of early SFA and classic Teenage Fanclub.

(And, no, I didn't use those two references only 'cause of the Wales and Scotland aspects.)

For now, play these tunes and follow Ash on his Pulco website and Stuart on his Bandcamp page.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Manics Unveil Magnificent Walk Me To The Bridge Single From Futurology

Following up on last year's splendid Rewind The Film, the Manic Street Preachers are now teasing us with tastes of companion album Futurology.

Last week saw a mini-debacle when this single was meant to be announced and it turned up for sale on some online shops. By the time that happened, devotees had already heard it, perhaps illegally, on the World Wide Web.

"Walk Me To The Bridge" is a magnificent slice of keyboard-anchored pop. Equal parts Human League, "Promised You A Miracle"-era Simple Minds, and the Manics' earlier selves circa Everything Must Go, the new single is a nod to the past and a fairly explicit reckoning with the facts of Richey Edwards' disappearance.

Still, it's uplifting and not mournful; you can groove on the sleek lines of this cut without knowing a thing about the missing Manic.

The semi-cryptic note from the band -- quoting Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei, which made me smile here in Hong Kong! -- gives further details on the new LP.

Futurology will be out on July 7.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dig Wicked New Tune From Aurelio Valle (ex-Calla) Here!

This reminds me of Barry Adamson. I can think of no higher praise for this solo cut from Aurelio Valle, one-time frontman of Calla.

From his forthcoming Acme Power Transmission, out in a few weeks, "Superhawk" is all coiled menace, near-whispered vocals, and textures out of a dream. I get a sense of classic Primal Scream here -- Vanishing Point era, at least -- and Nick Cave's Bad Seeds.

For now, follow Aurelio Valle on his Facebook page here.

Or on his official website here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The NME Was Right: Deers Are Awesome! Download 2 Tracks Here!

Geez, I've been posting a lot of girl groups lately, haven't I?

Well, I hesitate to use that term 'cause Deers -- Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote -- are quite something else all together. Bardot doing Gainsbourg. The Shangri-Las doing an impromptu jam session with an early incarnation of VU -- Reed, Cale, and Moe Tucker making ramshackle racket gloriously. The first Breeders album with Tanya Donelly...only Tanya is out for blood.

These two tracks are smashing. There's something perfect about them, demo or not. I can't wait to hear more from Deers.

For now, it's best to check out their Facebook page here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Play Fantastic Track from TeenCanteen Here!

What makes "Honey" such a wonderful track is that this old indie pop fan and ex-record store flunkie finds it hard to reach back into his musical bag of references to find a comparison for the sound of TeenCanteen. This is such an original and fully-formed tune that I am a bit shocked; I'm so used to to new bands these days going back to the usual touchstones for their inspiration.

From Scotland, TeenCanteen is made up of Carla Easton on lead vocals and keyboards, Sita Pieracinni on bass and vocals, Amanda Williams on guitar and vocals, and Deborah Smith on drums and vocals. "Honey" has a faint hint of Altered Images, I suppose -- but that's if Clare and her crew had jettisoned the keyboards and electronic bits in favor of piano and surging chords. There's another hint of Ooberman if anyone out there remembers them.

Still, TeenCanteen are refreshingly original. I'm hooked. You can read the history of the band here on this blog. And you can buy "Honey" even on U.S. iTunes here.

Follow TeenCanteen on their Facebook page.

There's no "embed" link on their Soundcloud page, so play the track here.

And watch the video below.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Download Another New Awesome -- (Is There Any Other Kind?) -- La Sera Song Here!

Sounding A LOT like "Once And Never Again" by The Long Blondes -- at least that opening -- "Running Wild" from La Sera is here to be played over and over again, not just "once and never again."

Making good on that threat/promise to create a record that sounded like "Lesley Gore fronting Black Flag," "Running Wild" surges and purrs with a Pretenders-like energy -- think "Tattooed Love Boys" -- crackling over a nearly-Black Tambourine-like hook. Katy's vocals are urgent and close-to-perfect. Lesley would be proud.

Hour of the Dawn drops on May 13 on Hardly Art. Until then, follow La Sera on her Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five Seconds Into This And Honeyblood Were My New Fave Band

Like that moment back in 1997 when I first spun "In Your Car" from Kenickie, just a few seconds into Honeyblood's "Killer Bangs" and I was totally hooked. These two Glasgow gals -- Shona and Stina -- are doing it totally and unequivocally right. You can buy the "Bud" single on U.S. iTunes now -- here -- and a full-length record on FatCat Records is due soon.

In the meantime, check out their Facebook page and their tunes! Their wonderful, invigorating, and thoroughly thrilling fuzzy pop tunes!

You know, sometimes the NME hypes something worth hyping!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New EP From The Tuts Is Finally Here!

New music from The Tuts is always a good thing. It felt like an eternity since they last dropped any new tunes on us. Busy from touring with Kate Nash and all that, the 3 ladies in The Tuts have released the time to move on EP and you can buy it on Bandcamp now.

You've got a live version of fan fave "Dump Your Boyfriend" plus a "Worry Warrior" remix, and the original version of that tune, but there are also 2 all-new songs.

"Loving It" takes a hint of The Primitives and some postpunk-era riffs and creates something fresh and wonderful.

"1, 2, 3" is The Slits-meets-Blondie, all jagged edges refined into pop hooks. A delight!

The Tuts are touring, touring, touring. If you're in the U.K., see if you can catch them live. In the meantime, head over to their Facebook page and buy the new EP.

New Video From D.C.'s Sansyou Ahead Of April 20 Gig With Dave Jones (The Caribbean)

D.C.'s Sansyou -- David Nicholas and Matthew McGarraghy and Davis White (drummer from D.C. legends Lorelei) -- are one of the new(er) bands from the metropolitan area that I am most sorry I haven't been able to see live (yet). The music of Sansyou is, as I once wrote, reminiscent of the Durutti Column and that's an enormously high compliment for me to give. The tones and shades here are subtle and not overdone.

In another era, these guys would have been scooped up by 4AD and been promoted alongside Dif Juz and bands like that.

Sansyou have got a new video for their tune "The Dilettante" and you can play it below.

In the meantime get set for their April 20th gig with Dave Jones of The Caribbean at D.C.'s Black Squirrel. Details are on the Sansyou Facebook page here or on the band's website.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Prayers Have Been Answered: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Covers Pulp!

I haven't blogged about it yet, have I? I refer, of course, to the latest excellent Sophie Ellis-Bextor album, Wanterlust, which dropped in late January. The last album she released, 2011's peppy Make A Scene, was never released in America and I had to pull some considerable strings to get it legally before the release date back in June 2011. This one? It was up on U.S. iTunes on the release day so lucky me.

(Little matter as here in this former British colony, I probably could have found it at HMV if all else had failed.)

This is one of my favorite Pulp songs and I'm thrilled to hear Sophie cover it. It would have made a great track for her and theaudience back in 1998 when Pulp were also at the top of their game. And is that Ed Harcourt on piano in this clip?

In the meantime, grab that new Sophie Ellis-Bextor album and play this and then follow her on her Facebook page.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Download Fantastic Single From Brooklyn's Snowmine Here

What a wonderful song this is!

Snowmine are a band from Brooklyn but fans of British bands like Wild Beasts and O.M.D. would be well advised to check out this tune's sprightly spin on the same new wave riffs those other bands played.

"Rome" is a taste from the band's Dialects album. This tune is like some weird mix of Durutti Column, Wild Swans, and The Drums.

The sound of sunshine on a rainy day (or night, as the case may be here in Hong Kong as I type this).

Follow Snowmine on their Facebook page: