Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ridiculously Rockin' Live Cut From Twin Peaks At WAMU

Hyped band Twin Peaks made at an appearance at WAMU here in D.C. and they tore the roof off the place. I urge you to enjoy this really blistering performance. It's like the Stooges meets Pavement meets an early Dischord band.

Really fantastic.

Then head over to the WAMU 88.5 Bandwidth website for more details on this performance and others.

And follow Twin Peaks on their official Facebook page.

Spin Thoroughly Excellent Single From The Autumn Stones Here!

What a pleasant surprise this cut turned out to be!

This Canadian quartet have somehow managed to combine the best bits of The Big Dish (remember them?) and Danny Wilson with the hook-laden guitar-rock and harmonies of a band like The Housemartins.

"In With The Out Crowd" is well-crafted pop like those acts mentioned above and it's got a sense of emotion that I really enjoyed -- think The Wild Swans covering an early Morrissey solo cut.

The cut is from the band's upcoming album. While you're waiting around for that, play this song here, then head over to the band's official website to find out more about The Autumn Stones.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Did You Know About This Television Personalities Tribute EP By Spain's The Yellow Melodies?

Thanks to Wally over at TheBeautifulMusic.com, I'm now aware of Spain's wonderful The Yellow Melodies and their splendid tribute EP to The Television Personalities.

The EP, How Television Personalities Learned To Love, features 5 covers of songs by that band and they are fantastic. Each track sounds great on its own so it's not like you've got to be a huge fan of Television Personalities already to dig these cuts.

For details on the EP, click here.

For details on The Yellow Melodies, click over to their official Facebook page.

Play Awesome New Beverly Video Here As Tour With The Drums Kicks Off Today

Beverly are here with their new video for the infectious and haunting "All The Things" off their debut album Careers, out now on Kanine Records.

Drew, Jamie, and Scott -- Beverly, don't you know? -- are heading out on tour with The Drums as of today. Be sure to catch them when they are in your 'hood.

In the meantime, spin the "All The Things" video below -- and some live action below that -- and check out the band's official Facebook page for more details on the band and the tour.

New Tune From Young Romance - Play It Here!

Finally, some new tunes from the wonderful Young Romance!

Readers will remember how much I gushed over "Pale" by Young Romance a few months ago and now the duo is here with the lovely demo for a new song called "Room to Breathe"...but you've got to listen now 'cause they said on their Facebook page that it would only be up for a week.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Enjoy Rare Primal Scream Cut Here (RIP Robert Throb Young)

I'm sure that any music fan worth his or her weight in records has heard the news that Primal Scream's Robert Throb Young has died. Young was the band's bassist before he became their guitarist.

That photo comes from a truly marvelous blogpost from the equally wonderful Raechel Leigh Carter. Read this interview I did with Raechel to learn more about her time singing for Baby Birkin and Piano Magic, and her adventures with Pulp.

And play this Janice Long session track Primal Scream from July 07, 1986, to honor the late great Robert Throb Young of Primal Scream.

[Photo: Raechel Leigh Carter via her Hero Culte blog.]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Deers Single Is Here To Rock Your Socks Off!

A new single by Deers means it's time to dance. Or party. Or whatever you want. The tune, from the "Barn" single, is all slinky vocals and hooky riffs.

Part early Pixies, the cut is instantly catchy and infectious -- like all the Deers cuts so far -- and yet another smile-inducing tune from this (now) four-piece.

Follow Deers on their Facebook page here.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Quick Review Of The Marvelous Wooden Aquarium From Mazes

What can I possibly say about the new Mazes album that a thousand other bloggers won't say this week? What rave of Wooden Aquarium -- available from Fat Cat Records on either Monday or Tuesday depending on which continent you're on -- do you want to hear from me?

Do you want me to sing again the praises of the Television-meets-Feelies rush of "Astigmatism"?

Or how about I tell you about the more sinister "Salford" with its nods in the direction of Anita Lane and Nick Cave by way of Queens of the Stone Age?

(Well, "Salford" is one of the cuts on the record that's pretty hard to describe!)

Or maybe you want me to write about the chiming Byrds-isms of "It Is What It Is"? You want me to tell you how this cut is like the most catchy tune that the Rain Parade never recorded?

Well, perhaps you need me to tell you how perfect "Explode into Colo(u)rs" is? Need me to tell ya that it's hypnotic and alluring like some weird Opal/Delgados love child?

I could tell you that "Vapour Trails" and "Ripp" blend trippy Nuggets-era hooks with modern ideas of songcraft.

And then I could alert you to the Dream Syndicate-ish licks of "Letters Between U&V" and tell you how the riffs are mean and lean and cool.

Or I could write you some descriptions of "Mineral Springs" and "Stamford Hill" that clued you in on the fact that these tracks were like early Let's Active and R.E.M. filtered through a Brit indie pop sensibility.

And I could hip you to the Camper Van Beethoven-like "Universal Me" and then finish up my review with a mention of how "The Third Ridge" closes the album with a slow-burn number that sounds suspiciously like the best tracks from George Harrison's part of the Beatles circa 1968.

Should I do all those things? Should I write some long flowery descriptions of these 11 cuts? Should I spend a day looking for the right comparisons for the perfect indie pop on Wooden Aquarium and so name-drop more bands like The Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers and early Talking Heads?

No. What would save you and me a lot of time would be if you just got Wooden Aquarium from Mazes as soon as humanly possible.

If you are in the USA, click here.

If you are in the UK, click here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

FANTASTIC New Tune From Jenny Toomey (Tsunami, Grenadine)

While she's not recorded anything in a few years, a lot of indie rock fans, especially those of us in the D.C. area, still love the music of Jenny Toomey. Co-founder of the seminal Simple Machines label, Toomey also sang and played music in awesome groups like Tsunami and Grenadine (with Mark Robinson of Unrest and Teenbeat Records).

Now Toomey is back with this tuneful taste of an upcoming single on the UK's Where It's At Is Where You Are label.

(I think I blogged about this wonderful label before when Sheffield's Standard Fare released something on it...and oddly this new Toomey cut sounds a tiny bit like Standard Fare!)

Jenny Toomey has teamed up with Franklin Bruno of Nothing Painted Blue as the Human Hearts and you can play the wonderful Pretenders-style "Distracted" below. Once you pre-order the single, you can download that song and then get the A-side when it's released.

I strongly urge you to do so!

(Big tip of the blogger hat to WAMU's Bandwidth page for first posting news of Jenny Toomey's return to tune-making!)

Monday, September 1, 2014

New June Brides EP Is Out Today!

There's a new EP from The June Brides and that's a thing to celebrate. Phil Wilson and his crew have created 3 rollicking slices of pop glory. From the rush of "Being There" to the regret of "I'm Undone" and on to the jangle of the title cut, these 3 songs are well-crafted odes to love and life.

For more details, check out the band's page at Slumberland Records.

New Tunes From The Effects (Devin Ocampo From Deathfix)

Happy Labor Day. Reward yourself by buying these 2 tracks from The Effects. This band is a new project from Devin Ocampo from Deathfix and a bunch of other great Dischord bands.

I especially like the Shudder to Think-isms of "Old Soul"!

Follow The Effects on their Facebook page.

Buy the single after playing it below.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Download Husker Du Outtake Here

Husker Du were an amazing set of musicians. In 1984 they dropped the double album Zen Arcade and "Some Kind of Fun" is an outtake from those sessions. It's easy to see why they left it off the record as it's a bit less intense than the rest of that record. Nearly a garage rocker, the cut has got some Stooges in it.

I dig that plucked/pinged guitar note in the midst of the song as it sounds like a piano.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My 1,500th Blog Post And Guess Where I Am?

If some of you saw that headline and guessed D.C. you would be halfway right. I'm at LAX at the moment. D.C. will be tomorrow morning.

So, yeah, the expiration date on that Hong Kong adventure was way past due. And just as I had no regrets when moving to Hong Kong in 2011, I've got no regrets in leaving in 2014.