Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Video From D.C.'s Sansyou Ahead Of April 20 Gig With Dave Jones (The Caribbean)

D.C.'s Sansyou -- David Nicholas and Matthew McGarraghy and Davis White (drummer from D.C. legends Lorelei) -- are one of the new(er) bands from the metropolitan area that I am most sorry I haven't been able to see live (yet). The music of Sansyou is, as I once wrote, reminiscent of the Durutti Column and that's an enormously high compliment for me to give. The tones and shades here are subtle and not overdone.

In another era, these guys would have been scooped up by 4AD and been promoted alongside Dif Juz and bands like that.

Sansyou have got a new video for their tune "The Dilettante" and you can play it below.

In the meantime get set for their April 20th gig with Dave Jones of The Caribbean at D.C.'s Black Squirrel. Details are on the Sansyou Facebook page here or on the band's website.