Thursday, April 17, 2014

Download Another New Awesome -- (Is There Any Other Kind?) -- La Sera Song Here!

Sounding A LOT like "Once And Never Again" by The Long Blondes -- at least that opening -- "Running Wild" from La Sera is here to be played over and over again, not just "once and never again."

Making good on that threat/promise to create a record that sounded like "Lesley Gore fronting Black Flag," "Running Wild" surges and purrs with a Pretenders-like energy -- think "Tattooed Love Boys" -- crackling over a nearly-Black Tambourine-like hook. Katy's vocals are urgent and close-to-perfect. Lesley would be proud.

Hour of the Dawn drops on May 13 on Hardly Art. Until then, follow La Sera on her Facebook page.