Sunday, April 20, 2014

Play Fantastic Track from TeenCanteen Here!

What makes "Honey" such a wonderful track is that this old indie pop fan and ex-record store flunkie finds it hard to reach back into his musical bag of references to find a comparison for the sound of TeenCanteen. This is such an original and fully-formed tune that I am a bit shocked; I'm so used to to new bands these days going back to the usual touchstones for their inspiration.

From Scotland, TeenCanteen is made up of Carla Easton on lead vocals and keyboards, Sita Pieracinni on bass and vocals, Amanda Williams on guitar and vocals, and Deborah Smith on drums and vocals. "Honey" has a faint hint of Altered Images, I suppose -- but that's if Clare and her crew had jettisoned the keyboards and electronic bits in favor of piano and surging chords. There's another hint of Ooberman if anyone out there remembers them.

Still, TeenCanteen are refreshingly original. I'm hooked. You can read the history of the band here on this blog. And you can buy "Honey" even on U.S. iTunes here.

Follow TeenCanteen on their Facebook page.

There's no "embed" link on their Soundcloud page, so play the track here.

And watch the video below.