Friday, April 11, 2014

My Prayers Have Been Answered: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Covers Pulp!

I haven't blogged about it yet, have I? I refer, of course, to the latest excellent Sophie Ellis-Bextor album, Wanterlust, which dropped in late January. The last album she released, 2011's peppy Make A Scene, was never released in America and I had to pull some considerable strings to get it legally before the release date back in June 2011. This one? It was up on U.S. iTunes on the release day so lucky me.

(Little matter as here in this former British colony, I probably could have found it at HMV if all else had failed.)

This is one of my favorite Pulp songs and I'm thrilled to hear Sophie cover it. It would have made a great track for her and theaudience back in 1998 when Pulp were also at the top of their game. And is that Ed Harcourt on piano in this clip?

In the meantime, grab that new Sophie Ellis-Bextor album and play this and then follow her on her Facebook page.