Friday, February 1, 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: "Flowers From Hell" From Des Demonas

I'm thrilled to premiere a new song from Des Demonas today. "Flowers From Hell" is the flip-side of a new single from the D.C. band, and it burns with real garage rock fury. Out in February via Trick Bag Records, the two tracks make up the follow-up to last Autumn's Bay Of Pigs EP, reviewed by me here.

While A-side "The Hyena" roars, a rich stew of garage rock organ and frenzied post-punk, it's the flip, "Flowers From Hell" that really makes my blood race. Over a squall of guitar, bass, organ, and drums, Jacky Cougar sings "You're gonna burn at the gates of hell!" And man, you better believe it.

For a band that's always owed a huge debt to The Fall, this new single from Des Demonas suggests a whole new angle of attack, the group's sound expanding in other directions. And if this new track sounds a bit like something from The Birthday Party, that makes a bit of sense given that guitarist Mark Cisneros is also in Bad Seeds member Kid Congo Powers' current band.

"The Hyena" / "Flowers From Hell" will be out from Trick Bag Records in February. More details on the label, here, or you can order it here.

Des Demonas by Des Demonas is out now via In The Red Records.

For more details on Des Demonas, visit the band's official Facebook page.

Thanks to Mark Cisneros, Jacky Cougar, and the band for arranging this track premiere.

[Photo: Glenn Griffith, 2018]