Saturday, October 6, 2018

Heads Up About A Brand New EP From Des Demonas

While many of us are still playing that first full-length from Des Demonas a whole lot, a few of us are also looking forward to new tunes being offered up by the D.C.-based band. Now, while the debut Des Demonas, out now on In The Red Records, and reviewed by me here, was a superb album, new music from these guys can only be a good thing.

The new Bay of Pigs EP from the band is, unsurprisingly, superb. Out on November 16 from the Slovenly label, this is a blast of post-punk sure to please fans of this group, and devotees of this esteemed label.

Opener "Bay of Pigs" glides in on a keyboard riff like something off a Tubeway Army single, electro-menace positively oozing out of the speakers. The cut is a progression of what's on Des Demonas but Jacky Cougar's vocals anchor this, his near-drone on the mic an instrument every bit as formidable as the others in the mix, while a fiery, closing guitar solo by Mark Cisneros pushes this further into the ether. The flip, "Skrewz", is punchier, a nice amalgamation of Sex Pistols riffs and faints hints from the hooks of a slow-burner from The Buzzcocks throughout.

There's a real wall of sound-thing here on this EP that suggests Des Demonas have stepped up their sonic attack for 2018 and beyond, their garage rock now louder and more ruthless. Bay of Pigs will be out on November 16 from Des Demonas. Des Demonas by Des Demonas is out now via In The Red Records.

More details on Des Demonas via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: me, 2018]