Monday, July 24, 2017

Play A Brand New Tune From Basic Plumbing (Patrick From Veronica Falls, Boys Forever) Here!

Patrick Doyle is in Veronica Falls. He's also in Boys Forever. Regular readers of this site will recall how much I enjoyed the debut album from Boys Forever, reviewed by me here. And I'm happy to report that Patrick is now making new music under the name Basic Plumbing.

The new track is called "LILAC" and it's the first taste of the upcoming Basic Plumbing album that Patrick's working on now. The spry song already has a video and you can play that below. There's a slightly harder riff running through this one than on earlier tracks, and I thoroughly dig how the song seems to be paying homage to the simple pop charms of Modern Lovers numbers while simultaneously sounding a bit like something from The Pastels. Fans of C86-inspired modern indie-pop should also love this and have just as tough a time getting it out of their heads as I am now.

After you've played this a few times, head over to the Boys Forever Facebook page, or band's Tumblr site for more details on the upcoming Basic Plumbing project and the music of Patrick Doyle.

[Photo: Band's Facebook page]