Sunday, August 7, 2016

Voice In My Head: A Quick Review Of The New Album From Boys Forever (Patrick From Veronica Falls)

Boys Forever is a sort of one-man project and the man behind it is Patrick Doyle of the band Veronica Falls. I've written about his tunes earlier but now there's a full-length release to get excited about, as I'm here to tell you today.

Boys Forever by Boys Forever is out now via the Amour Foo label. The album delivers more of what you' expect if you've already heard and loved the buoyant indie of "Poisonous" and some of the other earlier tastes of this record. "Voice In My Head" expands on the sort of indiepop you got on those tracks by adding a hint of The Kinks to the melody, while "I Don't Remember Your Name" recalls both early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and, surprisingly, R.E.M.

Elsewhere, the legacy of The Byrds surfaces on the chiming "Cold Is The Colour", while "Things" and "If You Don't Mind" one can hear a trace of mid-period Beatles being filtered through Paisley Underground sources. Really, Doyle here has done a masterful job of corralling a bunch of worthy influences in the service of brisk, stately indiepop.

The album closes on the rollicking "Underground" which recalls nothing so much as an early Blondie single in terms of hook and melody. Doyle should be well-pleased with himself on this release as all the cuts on the all-too-brief Boys Forever hark back to the sort of music we'd once call "college rock" and if you're old enough to remember that, you're probably the sort of person who's going to love this release as much as I did.

Boys Forever by Boys Forever is out now. More details on the album and Boys Forever via the band's official Facebook page or via the band's Tumblr site.