Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Don't Touch: A Few Words About The New Cold Beat Record

It's been 2 years since the last Cold Beat record and astute readers of this site will remember that I counted that one a pleasant surprise in my review. Going into a listen to the band's new album, Chaos By Invitation, out Friday on Crime On The Moon, I was pretty much sure what I would find within. And, happily, my suspicions were confirmed as this album was just as fine a release as the last one.

If glacial opener "In Motion" recalls certain moments from the peak years of Goldfrapp, the pulsing "Thin Ice" edges closer to territory previously occupied by The Long Blondes on their second album. This is not exactly guitar-based U.K. indie but it is certainly more than music intent on channeling the best years of the New Wave. Elsewhere, "Don't Touch" offers up a taste of Cabaret Voltaire underneath its shiny surfaces, all sinister intent made catchy and pleasant, while the absolutely superb "62 Moons" chimes like The Human League or O.M.D. Similarly, "Strawberry Moon" adds in a hint of The Head On The Door-era Cure alt-rock pop-sense.

At their very best, Cold Beat manage to bridge a few disparate genres rather easily. The majority of the tunes here on Chaos By Invitation are rather simple, yet they are also infectious and affecting. A fairly significant improvement on their already-excellent last album, Cold Beat's Chaos By Invitation is a release well worth your attention this week.

Chaos By Invitation is out on Friday via Crime On The Moon. You can follow Cold Beat via their official Tumblr, or via their official Facebook page.

[Photo: Abby Blanks]