Monday, August 17, 2015

Outrunning Shadows: The Pleasant Surprises Of This New Cold Beat Record

The new album from Cold Beat, out soon via Crime on the Moon, is a sleek and assured bit of business. Into The Air channels any number of earlier electro bands into influences that shape this impressive record.

"Outrunning Shadows" throbs and purrs like a machine but with decidedly warm human vocals and guitar licks around it while "Am I Dust" rocks like mid-period Lush. "Spirals" is the best Ladytron track that band never managed to produce and "7 Sisters" crashes with a sort of fresh indiepop swagger.

Into The Air is not going to rewrite the rock rule-book but it will probably pleasantly surprise most listeners. Never overstaying its welcome, and zipping past in a brisk 31-minute running time, the album largely succeeds on its own modest terms.

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