Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Talk About How Great This New Angelic Milk EP On PNKSLM Is!

I don't want to overstate how much I love Angelic Milk but, dammit, if this Russian group doesn't fill me with the same sort of joy I felt the first time I heard "Never Understand" by The Jesus and Mary Chain. If not as revolutionary, the music of this new band is at least as exhilarating as that of the Reid Brothers and if you doubt me then you need to give a listen to the new EP, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, out tomorrow via the excellent PNKSLM label.

"Tie Me Up" roars in with a sort of sassy girl group tunefulness underneath a punk snarl, equal parts The Shirelles and Siouxsie, while "Ripped Jeans" is closer to the aforementioned JAMC even if the vocals coo like those in a Curve or Primitives song. I wrote about "Rebel Black" in May and -- guess what? -- I'm still playing it at full volume a few times a week as I throttle down an American highway. Easily one of the best things I've heard all year, the single made me a big, big fan of this band instantly. The Teenage Movie Soundtrack EP closes on the near-glam of "Some Boys Are Beautiful Girls", all big hooks in the spirit of early Manic Street Preachers cuts. If the cut has the rawk spirit of a Placebo single, it's a good deal more melodic and another perfect showcase for this group's brand of appeal.

Look, I've loved everything I've heard on this label so far but, truthfully, few bands have thrilled me recently as much as Angelic Milk has. There's just something glorious here that skirts the edges of about 5 different genres and does it with a good deal of brash joy. This is thrilling Pop, folks. Get with the program now so that a few years from now you can tell your hip friends that you were an Angelic Milk fan early on.

Teenage Movie Soundtrack is out tomorrow on PNKSLM. More details on Angelic Milk via the band's official Facebook page.