Monday, May 30, 2016

This New Angelic Milk Track Is Simply Glorious!

I sometimes feel spoiled by the stuff coming out on PNKSLM. I mean, it's all been excellent so far and one runs the risk of becoming jaded, or simply taking for granted how good the output of this relatively-new label has been.

And then something comes along that ups the ante and pushes things even further into the realms of the perfect. That something is "Rebel Black", the new single from Angelic Milk. The St. Petersburg band, built around singer Sarah Persephona's talents, have made a track that harks back to the past while charting a way forward for indie. Hints of Belly, Fuzzy, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and even The Primitives are all here in these glorious 3 minutes but it's the way that Persephona and her crew use those elements from alt-rock's history that feels fresh and new and positively invigorating for a listener and fan of this sort of thing.

The track is the first one from the band's upcoming EP, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, out in mid-July on PNKSLM. I cannot wait to hear the other songs this band has waiting for listeners.

More details on Angelic Milk via the band's label, PNKSLM, or via the band's official Facebook page.