Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Dot Dash Video And Pics From John Stabb Benefit Concert At Comet Ping Pong Tonight

Dot Dash rocked Comet Ping Pong tonight in honor of John Stabb. As you've probably read, the former Government Issue lead singer has been diagnosed with cancer and he's undergoing treatment now. Stabb's a tough guy and I am sure that if anyone can fight cancer in any way, it's gonna be him. And if you couldn't make it tonight to join in this benefit concert, you can still give to John and Mina via the GoFundMe link below or on the sidebar.

And, in case you didn't know it, 3 members of Dot Dash have served time with John Stabb in bands before: bassist Hunter Bennett was in Weatherhead with John, and drummer Danny Ingram and guitarist Steve Hansgen were in Emma Peel with John -- (you can download demos from Emma Peel here on this blog) -- but singer/guitarist Terry Banks was never in a band with John Stabb.

The bill tonight was 3 bands and I missed most of the other ones but I was anxious to hear Dot Dash who were fresh from recording album number 5 in North Carolina last week. Speaking of fresh, did I mention that every cut minus one tonight was a new Dot Dash number? Yep. Check out this set-list cribbed from Terry's perch on the stage after the set.

All the new ones had punch and kick even if the sound-mix in Comet Ping Pong left something to be desired on a few of the early numbers. Highlights for me were the lyrical "Wishing Star", and "Searchlights", with its Clash-like chord progression and power-pop hooks, and there's video of that one below.

Now, as much as I love the songs of Dot Dash, I must admit that perhaps the real high point of the evening had to have been when former Minor Threat-man Steve Hansgen took over vocal duties from Terry for a run-through of the classic "Written Word" by Government Issue.

What we saw of 7 Door Sedan was pretty good and Baltimore's War on Women were fantastic. And props to "scenester" and all-around good guy Tom Berard for handling DJ duties last night -- "Buick Mackane" by T.Rex was an especially good track to spin right before Dot Dash took the stage. I hated leaving early like an old man but then I felt a bit better when I saw original D.C punk legend Nathan Strejcek of The Teen Idles and Youth Brigade walking up the sidewalk on his way home. Even old punks gotta call it a night at a certain point.

(As always, these pics were taken by my wife since I'm sort of a klutz with the camera, though I did shoot the video.)

Dot Dash will be releasing their new album in May, most likely. For now, follow the band via their official Facebook page or on the band's home label