Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Download Scorching Demos From D.C.'s Emma Peel (ex-Government Issue, ex-Minor Threat, ex-Youth Brigade) Here!

This is an amazing find!

Here is the 1993 demo tape from D.C.'s own Emma Peel (sometimes written as emmapeel). It features Government Issue's John Stabb on vocals, Danny Ingram from Youth Brigade and Dot Dash on drums, Rob Frankel on guitar, and Minor Threat's Steve Hansgen on bass. For some background on the band, you can check out my career-spanning interview with Danny Ingram here.

The band is tight and the songs are hard, a bit brutal, but also catchy. "Miserable Little Year" is downright lyrical thanks to John Stabb's vocals and that hummable chorus. And "The Hurting Closet" is even more pummeling here thanks to Danny's drums.

These tracks were recorded at Inner Ear in Arlington, VA, in 1993. Recorded, mixed, produced, and engineered by Brooke Delarco and the band.

A BIG "Thank you!" to Brooke Delarco for getting me these files. And another big "Thanks!" to the real punk godfathers Danny Ingram and John Stabb for giving the A-OK for this post.

And here's a bonus: a cover of The Undertones' "Male Model" recorded live at the 9:30 Club in 1993.

Thanks to 13th Floor Vendetta for the image of the single below. You can find out a bit more about the band's only real release on that blog.