Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Second Of 2 Free Dot Dash Tracks Is Here In Advance Of Their Record Release Show In D.C. This Week!

That pic is from when Dot Dash rocked out at the University of Maryland's radio station, WMUC in October. Pictures from that night, most taken by my wife, are making the rounds in a few other online pieces about the band which is cool since the band are deservedly getting much more attention now. During that night's WMUC set, the band premiered a few new songs from their excellent new Mitch Easter-produced masterpiece Earthquakes and Tidal Waves, including a rather loud version of "The Winter of Discontent", the album opener. The cut recalls stuff from the band's Eric Tischler (of The Jet Age)-produced debut Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash.

"The Winter of Discontent" seems similar to something like "That Was Now, This is Then" but now the guitars seem louder and angrier, maybe thanks to the presence of Steve Hansgen (Minor Threat, Emma Peel) in the band. It's not that Hansgen is an angry dude but that he comes from a punk-ier tradition than original guitarist Bill Crandall. And while Hansgen has been in the band for some radio sessions and stuff, this first track on the new record is his official debut as the band's main axe-man.

You want to hear Hansgen and the lads in some radio sessions, you say? Head over to TheBeautifulMusic.com and grab Earthquakes and Tidal Waves -- if you somehow have not already done so already -- and Wally might just give you a free bonus disc of Dot Dash rarities when you order the new album.

While supplies last, of course!

This Friday, Dot Dash are playing Comet Ping Pong in D.C. for a record release show for Earthquakes and Tidal Waves. It's gonna be a gas, so see ya there!

In the meantime, grab the track, buy Earthquakes and Tidal Waves via TheBeautifulMusic.com and enjoy!

(And remember you might get a free bonus disc with your copy when you order!)

Follow Dot Dash on their official Facebook page.

Free download of "The Winter of Discontent" here!