Friday, March 6, 2015

Young Romance Delivers Something Wonderful: My Review Of The New Wild EP

London's Young Romance have become one of my favorite new bands despite the fact that they've only released a few songs so far. On Monday, I expect they will become the favorite new band of loads more people since their debut EP, Wild, drops that day via Banquet Records. It's a 4-song blast of fuzzy goodness.

Of course, "Wasting Time" is here. I've already raved about that one, and it remains a progression of the band's sound and a splendid track on its own as it sets the mood for this EP nicely.

"Falling Down" recalls the very best bits from Lush's Split (1994) album with the exception of Claire's sublime vocals which, again, sound like a young Kate Bush.

I say that knowing it's far too easy for critics to pigeonhole this vocalist that way but, really, there's no overstating just what a great vocalist Claire is here with this material. Paolo creates waves of fuzz and a few more direct riffs to anchor her soaring vocals and that combination makes this another gem from the band.

"Never Learn" showcases Claire as a drummer and not just the band's vocalist. The beat is nearly something from the British Big Beat era and the song feels poised between early Blondie and early Ramones.

The closer to this EP is the title track, "Wild" and it, like the other 3 tracks here, is a delight. A real slow-burner the cut builds in intensity and reveals another side of this band. If debut single "Pale" was all JAMC-"Never Understand" pop bliss, then this one is closer to their Siouxsie and the Banshees pop moment -- think something like "Playground Twist" stretched out and simplified for a more dramatic effect.

This Wild EP from Young Romance is an expansion of the things I liked so much about this band a year ago. It would be far too easy for Claire and Paolo to remake "Pale" over and over again but they've done something more here. There are 4 great cuts on this release that make me very eager for a full-length record from this band.

Fans can only hope that Young Romance put out their debut album in 2015 'cause if the 4 songs on Wild are indications of what this band can do, then that debut, whenever it's out, will be on a lot of Top 10 Lists.

Young Romance just keep getting better and better and for that reason you should be following them...and buying their music!

You can order Wild from Young Romance via Banquet Records or, more specifically, here.

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