Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Play Glorious New Single (And Video) From Young Romance Here! (UPDATED)

London's Young Romance have not released a lot of music so far but what they have released has been very, very special. After blogging about "Pale" last year, and then including the track on my first ever Top 10 Tracks of the Year List, I'm still playing the cut a few times a week. It's just a hypnotic and wildly catchy song.

Well Young Romance are back and poised to release a new EP in March. You can pre-order that EP here. And after you do that, you need to play this new cut a few dozen times.

"Wasting Time" is a twist on "Pale". While there's still a glorious rush of noise swirling around Claire's gorgeous Kate Bush-like vocals -- hard to resist that comparison again! -- there's a new element here as the drums kick out a beat that recalls New Order or Joy Division. "Wasting Time" is a delight. Claire and Paolo of Young Romance are making some awesome music and I cannot wait to hear more from them.

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