Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Which Beverly and The Drums Rock The 9:30 Club

I really should have gone to see Dot Dash in Baltimore but...B-more is a long drive in an old car so tonight I consoled myself with an equally great gig: Beverly and The Drums at the (new) 9:30 Club.

Drew, Jamie, Scott, and additional keyboardist Caitlin -- Beverly -- played most of their debut album Careers, out now on Kanine Records, at an early gig at the 9:30 Club.

The band delivered a short, energetic set to a largely appreciative crowd...including me, my wife, and my best friend.

A standout was "All The Things" and I caught some video of that before the 9:30 Club staff started telling people to shut off the cameras.

The Drums were peppy and energetic despite some detours into more languid tracks. Unfortunately and inexplicably they did not perform my fave cut -- "I Felt Stupid" -- but they did do a lot of other good tunes from their new album and their earlier releases.

I guess a good measure of how good they were is that I now consider myself more of a fan of The Drums than I did before tonight.