Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Album From Beverly (Frankie Rose) Drops Today!

Well, Frankie Rose is not in the band at the moment but she's on the record so that makes writing about Beverly an awkward dance. Bloggers like me want to hype the Frankie Rose angle 'cause that's probably how we heard of this band. The reality is that the band are so much more than just Frankie Rose and it's now largely a project under the lead of Drew Citron.

Careers is out today (July 1) on Kanine Records and it's a delight. The one-two opening punch of "Velouria"-echong "Madora" and Belly-ish "Honey Do" rewards a listener with the kind of indie pop joy that's a rare thing these days. I know others have made that Pixies comparison already but it's damn near impossible not to make on that cut. As for Belly: think of how the ex-Throwing Muses member made fuzzy, scuzzy rock in Belly (and on the first Breeders record) and you'll have a hint of what's going on here.

"All The Things", reminiscent of The Primitives and even Yankee bands like Velocity Girl, is a catchy riff-rocker that is instantly hummable, while instrumental "Ambular" rockets forward on a Iggy-like throbbing riff -- equal parts late-period Primal Scream and JAMC -- and that song leads into "Out on a Ride" which is all soaring harmonies and fuzzy guitars. A blast!

It's weird writing about "Hong Kong Hotel" 'cause I'm gonna guess that the song's title owes at least a little something to the time when Frankie Rose and Vivian Girls played Hong Kong, and I live not too far away on Lamma Island from the guy who arranged that gig. Still, a deeper analysis of the lyrics might reveal that the tune is about Edward Snowden hiding out in this city a year or so ago. The twangy guitars on this cut are great -- think Mazzy Star's first record but with more attitude in the vocals.

"You Can't Get It Right" is a fantastic cut -- all glorious harmonies on the verses and near-shouty vocals on the chorus. The song's got a near-surf guitar line and a wicked bass hook, like New Order playing The Ventures.

At nearly 4 minutes, album closer "Black and Grey" is the longest track on Careers and it's a languid and expansive slow-burner of a song that ends the record in fine fashion.

Careers from Beverly is out today on Kanine Records and I urge you to get it.

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