Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dot Dash Covers The Sound: Play It Here Now!

This is awesome!

Dot Dash have contributed a cut to the upcoming tribute to The Sound, soon to be released on TheBeautifulMusic, the label of Dot Dash.

I've got to say that this cut rocks hard and not least because I'm pretty sure that drummer Danny Ingram was probably listening to The Sound quite a bit when he was in Strange Boutique or Swervedriver.

The former Youth Brigade kit-pounder is joined by Terry Banks (of St. Christopher and Glo-Worm and Tree Fort Angst), Hunter Bennett (of Julie Ocean), and Steve Hansgen (Minor Threat, Government Issue, The Meatmen, and Emma Peel).

This song is the first thing Dot Dash have recorded with Steve Hansgen and it's the band's first cover version.

Find out more about Dot Dash here:

And find out more about the upcoming tribute to The Sound here: