Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It Doesn't Get More META Than This: Wrap Your Old Fogey Heads Around This New Superchunk Video

Superchunk have made a video for a single named after a Dischord band -- (the subject of a recent split 7 inch release from Superchunk that itself was a nod to the Dischord label split release) -- and the video by these indie legends -- starring drummer Jon Wurster as an aging indie rock fan -- gently mocks the current indie scene.

The guys (and gal) in Superchunk are now as old as the people that would have yelled "Turn that shit down!" back in 1993 when "The First Part" roared out of indie kids' dorm-room speakers and POS car stereos.

(I referenced that song 'cause I think there's a bit in this video where an imagined mosh pit is a nod back to the pillow fights in the 1993 vid for that Foolish single.)

Decide for yourself and play the video below.