Sunday, June 23, 2013

Better Late Than Never: Play Superchunk's 2013 Record Store Day Single Here

Inspired by a legendary Dischord release, Superchunk recently cranked out a double A-sided single for 2013's Record Store Day. Taking its name from the two D.C. bands on that slab of monumental harDCore, the single is "Void/Faith" and it's a stomper.

As I don't buy vinyl -- stopped even before I moved to Hong Kong -- this has been my first chance to hear the 2 tunes. I think I like "Faith" a bit more but if we switch the conversation back to the D.C. bands, I'm definitely more a Void fan.

(The recently unearthed Sessions 1981-1983 by Void is an unholy, corrosive BEAST of a collection! I urge to get that on any format.)