Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another 10 Lessons From A Life Spent Listening To Music

This post is a follow-up to this one from last spring.

1. It was probably stupid of me to throw out that Dream Police CD insert autographed (in 1997) by all the members of the band except Bun E. Carlos.

2. There are better individual songs on Reckoning but R.E.M.'s Murmur is a better overall album.

3. Dead Can Dance get a free pass on being pretentious.

4. There are days when I think that "Lipstick" by the Buzzcocks is my favorite single of all time.

5. The best Christmas present I ever received was probably that cassette of Aztec Camera's High Land, Hard Rain in 1983.

6. That one famous 4 Non Blondes song can still make me want to pick up an axe and start swinging.

7. If I had a dollar for every big-haired sorority chick who came into the Record Co-Op asking for "that tape that has that 'big hands' song" on it", I could probably afford to hire the Violent Femmes to play my birthday party Jeff Spicoli-style.

8. I like 2 Creed singles. Sue me.

9. Between mid-1984 and early 1987 -- barely 2.5 years -- Husker Du cranked out 2 double LPs (Zen Aracde and Warehouse: Songs and Stories) and 3 other LPs (New Day Rising, Flip Your Wig, and Candy Apple Grey). They are all uniformly fantastic, life-affirming, transcendent, and essential.

10. Whenever Ira Kaplan unfurls a guitar solo on a slow(er) Yo La Tengo song I feel like a Deadhead listening to "Jerry" unwind on "Dark Star" or something.