Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Lessons From A Life Spent Listening To Music

1. A song never seems as good until you put it in the middle of a mix tape/CD/iPod playlist.

2. Despite being excellent mimics, Primal Scream were, and always will be, wildly overrated.

3. If you don't like The Ramones, there's probably something wrong with you.

4. When in doubt, play The Go-Betweens.

5. Madchester yes, acid house...not so much.

6. Stevie Wonder may be the finest songwriter my country will ever produce.

7. Whatever my mood, Frank Sinatra has a song that fits it.

8. I really blew it by not going to those listening parties with Maria McKee and Sonic Youth back in 1989 and 1990 in my record store days.

9. By any kind reckoning, 75% of that early 4AD stuff is crap.

10. I spent far too much time listening to U2 and far too little listening to Killing Joke when I was younger.