Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Awesome New (Working) Track from Pulco (Ash Cooke of Derrero)

Sounding shockingly like Mac McCaughan's Portastatic, Ash Cooke is here with a new track from his "band" Pulco. Called "Open Your Wallets", this is Sebadoh by way of Wales. Derrero reborn with a stack of early Pavement records by their sides. Really great stuff.

It's not enough that Ash was just part of the Relycs project but now he's back to work in his home studio on the next Pulco release.

Once again pushing the boundaries of lo-fi, Ash as Pulco has really created a catchy tune in this one.

Hope this Welshman doesn't mind being compared to North Carolina's finest (that Superchunk bloke)?

More details are here: