Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Tube-Inspired Cassette Project From Ash Cooke (Pulco, Derrero), Adam Leonard, and Stephen McLeod Blythe

On what is sure to be a real collector's item in the very near future, Ash Cooke (Pulco, Derrero), Adam Leonard, and Stephen McLeod Blythe (Unexpected Bowtie), have teamed up, called themselves Relycs, and put out a project called Songs for Abandoned Tube Stations.

The London Underground-inspired release will be limited to 30 copies only. Details from the "band" elaborate:

Format for the release is limited edition C30 Magnetic Tape, each with 3 full colour numbered postcards, a credits sheet + a digital download. The tapes come in stickered, numbered slip cases and there will be 30 copies only.!!!
Ash Cooke tackles "Aldwych Branch Line" and the results blend SFA-style chord changes with Space Invaders-style sound fx. The looping melody recalls the best bits of Derrero for any of you long-time fans out there.

Adam Leonard brings out the big organ for "Lord's Station" and the result is something sinister and...a tiny bit rollicking. Who knew -- apart from Jimmy Smith -- that an organ could be so funky? It's like slowed down soul. The sort of thing you can play on Halloween to keep the ghosts dancing.

Stephen McLeod Bythe's "Down Street" is chirpy Gameboy noises over a percolating rhythm track. It's Squarepusher sent back to the set of the original Tron (1982).

It's an interesting concept for a release and I'd suggest that you grab one of these now...and rest safe in the awareness that there are only another 29 out there in the world.

For more details on Ash Cooke and Pulco (and any possible Derrero reunion), check out:

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You'll have to buy Songs for Abandoned Tube Stations to hear it but, for now, here are a few goodies.

Here's "Gnarl Chess" from Pulco's Clay Cuttlery

And here's one of my favorite Beatles covers ever -- Adam Leonard's delightful mauling of "Lovely Rita"

And finally "Marks for Effort" from (and friends) by Unexpected Bowtie: