Friday, December 16, 2011

More Free Music From Pulco: Bear Bones EP!

I don't know how he does it, frankly.

Ash Cooke, one-time leader of Derrero, now records from his home as Pulco, and he manages to find tunes seemingly with ease at a fairly rapid pace.

He makes this look effortless, really.

And in a year where's he's given listeners a great album in Small Thoughts, and another delightful EP in Sketchbook Season, Ash has now gifted us with yet another batch of free tunes in Bear Bones.

These 4 songs, recorded on the Dictaphone(!), are pretty strong. They're a touch more folky than some bits on those other releases and they work despite the limitations of the recording method.

To get your copy of the free Bear Bones EP from Pulco, head over to the spiffy new Pulco website:

And be sure to follow Ash and Pulco on Folkwit Records here.