Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Derrero Radio Session MP3 To Celebrate Today's New And Free Pulco EP

Even though I already raved about it, it's worth a reminder that today marks the release of the new and free Pulco EP, Sketchbook Season, on Folkwit Records.

Prior to working as a home recording studio wizard, Ash Cooke was one of the main men in Welsh rockers Derrero. The band was active in the mid-to-late 1990s and they garnered a lot of deservedly good press.

And John Peel was a big fan of the band.

I did a retrospective on the band's career back in July but I'm happy today to bring you -- thanks to Ash himself! -- a free MP3 from a radio session Derrero did in 1998.

"She Wiped The Floor" was originally on the 1998 Radar Intruder EP, a release that got the band a lot of attention from Mr. Peel and others.

This version dates from 1998 for a session for the SBN Radio Network from Imperial College.

Derrero - "She Wiped The Floor (1998 Radio Session)"

Sketchbook Season is out now via Folkwit Records. Mark your calendars!

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