Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feeling Old At The Superchunk Concert

You know, I've never felt as old as I did trying to e-mail this picture on my friend's cellphone during tonight's Superchunk concert at the 9:30 Club.

Really, I love computers but I hate cell phones.

I may have felt old but at least I wasn't wearing ear plugs at the concert.

And maybe my difficulties were due to the fact that I've been up since 5:00 AM.

Well, thanks to the typically horrible D.C. traffic, we missed most of opening act Let's Wrestle; while I appreciate the fact that tonight's road work was being done outside of normal rush hour times, I think that maybe 9 on a Friday night was an odd choice.

But we made it for local pop legend Tommy Keene's set which was pretty solid. It was weird seeing a guy I've met a few times sing 25-year-old songs to an audience of under 25-year-olds (well, some of them).

As for Superchunk: I've been listening to the band for nearly 18 years now and have seen them live a bunch of times between 1995 and now and they have never disappointed me.

The glory days of Sub Pop were just a blip as American indie rock begins and ends with Superchunk.

New album, Majesty Shredding, is pretty solid and single "Digging for Something" sounded like a lost classic tonight.

The band tore through a lot of new and old songs, including a revved-up cover of Sebadoh's "Brand New Love" and the obligatory barn-burner closer of "Hyper Enough".