Sunday, March 31, 2019

Young Disciple: A Brief Review Of The New Album From Lady Lamb

The new album from Lady Lamb, Even in the Tremor, out on Friday via Ba Da Bing, is a set of bracing alt-rock. Aly Spaltro, AKA Lady Lamb, makes music that's a bit confessional, even as it remains wildly tuneful.

Opener "Little Flaws" feels like a cousin to the sort of thing that Alex Lahey routinely cranks out, while the superb title cut on Even in the Tremor is something else entirely. Over buzzing keyboard figures, Aly croons, soft on the verses and bold and brash on the big chorus. The track is unlike anything you're going to hear in 2019 and a really superb piece of musicianship. Elsewhere, the twang-y "Young Disciple" straddles the worlds of alt-country and folk-rock, however casually, while the peppy "Strange Maneuvers" is a complex bit of electro-pop, Spaltro's layered and multi-tracked "I don't want to be afraid of myself anymore!" the lyric over the big hook. On "Prayer of Love" one can hear a faint trace of classic Aimee Mann material but, really, Lady Lamb is in a unique place, offering up alt-rock that strides purposefully forward, sometimes through the boldness of the big melodies, and sometimes through the braveness of the lyrics.

Even in the Tremor is out on Friday via Ba Da Bing.

More details on Lady Lamb via the official Facebook page.

[Photo: Shervin Lainez]