Sunday, March 17, 2019

TRACK FEATURE: Forces Of Nature By Maryjo Mattea

Maryjo Mattea is making the kind of alt-rock that I like a whole lot. If there's something here in her music that harks back to stuff like Belly and Letters To Cleo, that's a huge compliment as far as I'm concerned. Maryjo has been playing around D.C. and her brand of music is yet another flavor to a scene here in the nation's capital that is wonderfully diverse and consistently interesting.

"Forces of Nature" is charming, chiming, and winsome. A listener hears this and thinks back to stuff like "Bright as Yellow" from The Innocence Mission. And I realize that that might not be the most perfect comparison to make given the heft here in Maryjo Mattea's tune, but it was the first thing this aging indie-rock fan thought of. She's assisted in delivering this one by Scott Manley on drums, Joshua Hunter on additional guitar, and Eamonn Donnelly on bass. The players anchor this cut that succeeds mainly because of Maryjo's soaring vocals.

More details on Maryjo Mattea via her official website, or her official Facebook page. Check out those sites for news on her upcoming gigs this month in D.C.

[Photo: Cina Nguyen]