Thursday, March 7, 2019

My '90s: A Brief Look At The New Book Of Photos From Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think)

The former front-man of Shudder To Think continues to surprise. While he's done some great soundtrack work, he's also released some transcendent solo albums, like 2017's Adult Desire, reviewed by me here, and now he's sharing yet another side of his talents.

My '90s is a book of photographs, Polaroids specifically, taken by Craig Wedren during the Nineties, while on tour with Shudder To Think, and on the road for various other projects. That the pics reveal more than just the usual band hi-jinks shouldn't be surprising. That Craig was brave enough to include a pic or two here in this book that acknowledges his past fight against Hodgkin's is something to also be respected. The book is up for order now via, or here, and with a limited print run, this tome will sell out fast.

That pic up above, labelled simply "Me and Stuart Hill, desert", shows the Shudder To Think singer and bassist out West in America, presumably, looking every bit the picture of Nineties alt-rock royalty. Fans of the harDCore scene will find a lot to lovingly gaze over here in My '90s, obviously, including shots of each of the four members of Fugazi taken separately on stage. Below is one of drummer Brendan Canty (now hitting the skins in The Messthetics) taken from the side of the stage.

And for fans of Shudder To Think, there are naturally a few photos here of the band members, like the hazy pic up above, and lots more of the musicians individually. And, since Shudder To Think famously signed to a major label after recording harDCore classics on Dischord, there are photos here in My '90s of the bands Craig and Shudder To Think toured with, like Pearl Jam. Similarly, for those who are looking at My '90s for signs of Craig Wedren's years as a soundtrack composer of note, there are a few shots here, like of Frances McDormand at Cannes, which reveal that side of that (continuing) era of his artistic career.

My '90s is a fascinating look inside not only life on the road from the viewpoint of a member of one of the really brave and adventurous legends of the alt-rock boom, but it's also an intensely personal bit of artistic sharing. Craig Wedren has compiled here what were mementos, and curated their presentation in such a way that a viewer gets a sense of a journey, flashes of beauty appearing before the eyes, like in the "Stained Glass Towers" shot below.

My '90s by Craig Wedren is available for order now, via Craig, or here.

[Photos: Craig Wedren]