Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Great Escape: A Brief Review Of The New Album From La Fille

The debut album from Seattle's La Fille, Alright Already, is a nice collection of power-pop. The record, out on Friday, suggests that Jay Louis, Joe Oakes, and Michael Benjamin Lerner are part of something special and darn-near old fashioned here, with fans of classic Yellow Pills-era stuff advised to grab this one as soon as possible.

The title cut is all crunchy goodness, while "Letting Go" is even punchier, flashes of Flamin' Groovies shining through here. Elsewhere, the languid "Skyline" sends things in a new, more subtle direction, while "Great Escape" is reminiscent of the slower songs on those first superb records from Silver Sun. In fact, for fans of that band, and this kind of thing, I'd say that lots and lots of Alright Already sounds like those early sides from that British band, even as bits and pieces here should remind us Yanks of stuff that originated on our own shores, way back in the early days of bands like Cheap Trick and The Raspberries rising to prominence.

Alright Already is out on Friday.

More details on La Fille via the official Facebook page, or the official website.

[Photo: Michael Benjamin Lerner]