Saturday, February 9, 2019

Nothing Could Be Better: A Quick Review Of The New Album From Homeshake

The new album from Homeshake, Helium, out on Friday via Sinderlyn, is a fine example of how to do electro-pop in an indie style. Homeshake is essentially Peter Sagar and there's a real DIY feel to his record, but it's the sort of vibe that makes the music affecting.

"Anything At All" is neo-soul filtered through keyboard washes and effects, while the elegant "All Night Long" is poised between pop and New Wave, bits of O.M.D.-style electronia made a bit more elegant. Sagar keeps things simple here, and while a number like "Nothing Could Be Better" is catchy, it's also quietly subdued. As a performer, Sagar aims to maintain the low-key nature of this, with few numbers bursting out of the confines of the style on this release. Still, for all that, lots of Helium works for what it is. It won't change anyone's life, but it is a pleasant record, and one with both a lot of heart and melody within its grooves.

Helium is out on Friday via Sinderlyn. More details on Homeshake via the official Facebook page.

[Photo: Salina Ladha]