Friday, September 7, 2018

It Goes Off And On: A New Video From Dot Dash And A Free MP3 From The D.C.-Area Rockers

D.C. area super-group Dot Dash recently released their sixth long-player, the superb Proto Retro, reviewed by me here, and now they are offering up fiery album-opener "Unfair Weather" as a new music video and free MP3.

The cut manages to bristle with the kind of spiky energy one found on early R.E.M. sides even as it punches with the force of something Weller and Co. would have committed to vinyl in 1980 or so. This is brief to-the-point pop of the very highest caliber, with these 3 players -- Danny Ingram on drums, Hunter Bennett on bass, and Terry Banks on vocals and guitar -- absolutely revved up.

If you like the song, you'll likely love the rest of Proto Retro, out now via TheBeautifulMusic. And if you like the song and the band, you'll likely love the new video for "Unfair Weather" which is embedded below.

Download "Unfair Weather" by Dot Dash

[Photo up top: me, 2018]