Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fire Ghost: A Few Words About The Fine New Album From Emma Tricca

I'm late to this album but I'm now ready to tell everyone how special it is. St. Peter by Emma Tricca, out now via Light In The Attic, is a fine showcase for the stunning voice of Emma Tricca, a performer whose work here recalls both old releases from Sandy Denny and more contemporary offerings like those of Emma Pollock and Cat Power.

"Fire Ghost" builds on the back of a light neo-folk sense of instrumentation, while the truly beguiling "Julian's Wings" suggests something more mysterious, like the quieter moments on early Kate Bush records. Elsewhere, the memorably-titled "Mars is Asleep" sees Emma wrap her voice around a faint and haunting lullaby, while on the more robust "Salt", Emma veers closer to the kind of territory once occupied by Kendra Smith on her first post-Dream Syndicate album. Tricca has a knack for producing material that seems richer and more complex than it might appear on first listen. What sounds like a simple folk-y number -- take "Green Box", for instance -- is revealed on subsequent listens to be a layered affair, instruments gently nudging into each other under Emma's warm vocals. And it's probably worth noting at this point the production, and guitar parts, from current Dream Syndicate member Jason Victor on St. Peter, and the other contributions here from Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). Those folks buttress the assured performances of Emma throughout and render St. Peter such a compelling and engrossing record.

St. Peter is out now via Light In The Attic.

More details on Emma Tricca via her official website.

[Photo: Keith Van Loen]