Monday, July 30, 2018

This New Peel Dream Magazine Track On Slumberland Records Is My Song Of The Week!

I bought my first Stereolab album at Phantasmagoria in Wheaton, Maryland in 1993. That's significant considering that I used to see Slumberland Records head honcho at Vinyl Ink there back in that era, and his label was the one that graced listeners with the first real Stereolab album on these shores (the absolutely essential Switched On from 1992).

That story is shared because Slumberland Records is going to be putting out the debut album from Peel Dream Magazine, a band whose newest single, the delightfully-titled "Qi Velocity", sounds a lot like those early Stereolab singles. Still, it also sounds like Ultra Vivid Scene and Unrest too. Look, it's a great track and hopefully the band forgives aging indie-rockers like me (and loads more) reaching for the same reference points when talking about this track.

The band's debut full-length record, Modern Meta Psychic, will be out in September via Slumberland, and, in the mean-time, you can read more about Peel Dream Magazine on the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: Migs Govea]