Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cool And Collected: A Brief Review Of The New Album From Let's Eat Grandma

The new album from British duo Let's Eat Grandma, I'm All Ears, out now on Transgressive, is the sort of release that's nearly impossible to categorize. Blending elements of indie with electro-pop, the tunes on the record from the oddly-named act are haunting and playful at the same time.

The first big song on I'm All Ears, "Hot Pink" bursts out a big chorus after bits of percussive New Wave, while the expansive "Falling Into Me" adds the kind of instrumentation that recalls older singles from O.M.D.. Elsewhere, the lovely "I Will Be Waiting" sees the singers coo and croon over the top of a track that successively recalls classic solo recordings from Bjork, even as the lengthy "Cool and Collected" adds near-symphonic textures to the approach of Let's Eat Grandma. So much of this release shines on purely instrumental terms that it would be easy to neglect praising the vocals of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. As performers, they allow this material to be served, rather than simply smother it with vocals and effects, even while they do allow themselves moments to shine as fine vocalists. Similarly, the haunting "Donnie Darko" closes I'm All Ears in epic fashion, equal parts electro-pop and the soundtrack to an as-yet-unmade film.

I'm All Ears is out now on Transgressive.

More details on Let's Eat Grandma via the band's official Facebook page, or the band's official website.

[Photo: Charlotte Pattmore]