Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Now I Feel It: A Quick Review Of The New Sam Evian Album

The new record from Sam Evian, You, Forever out Friday via Saddle Creek, is the sort of album that is so full of easy hooks, and buoyant charm, that a listener can't but help and fall in love with it. The release from Evian is the newest project from Sam Owens, along with Brian Betancourt (bass), Austin Vaughn (drums), Adam Brisbin (guitar), and Hannah Cohen (backup vocals), and the release is marvelously appealing.

"Where Did You Go?" purrs and coos, a faint hint of Nineties Yo La Tengo creeping through the groove, while the rougher "Health Machine" crunches with dashes of glam-stomp and solo Lennon. Elsewhere, the lyrical "Summer Day" offers up the kind of vulnerable loveliness that the late Elliott Smith was the master of producing, while "Now I Feel It" twangs like solo George, all All Things Must Pass-style hooks pushed in new directions for appreciative indie-pop listeners in this century. The peppy "IDGAF" is obviously catchy, while the more languid "Next To You" is quiet and sublime, an aching beauty at work here, whiffs of Prince and Bolan seeping through the melodic hooks on this one.

You, Forever is an album that seems to exist outside of any easy genre categorizations even as it dabbles a tiny bit in many. While gentle nods in the direction of worthy forebears can be heard here, Owens and his team have offered up music that is heartfelt, light-as-a-feather, and catchy here on this new record. It's nearly impossible to find fault with much here.

You, Forever will be out on Friday via Saddle Creek.

More details on Sam Evian via the official website.

[Photo: Josh Goleman]