Thursday, March 8, 2018

Play Fab New Video From Flasher (Priests, Bless, Big Hush) Here As Band Celebrates Signing To Domino!

Yet another D.C. supergroup? Well, yes, yes indeed. Flasher, in case you haven't seen them around D.C. yet, or read about them here and elsewhere, are Taylor Mulitz from Priests on guitar and vocals, Daniel Saperstein from Bless on bass, and Emma Baker from Big Hush on drums. The trio have dropped a few vital releases in the past, and now the folks at Domino have signed the band up! The group's full-length debut record is getting released on the label later in 2018, and they offered up a brief taste today in the form of the video below.

That's all good, but I'm mainly here to encourage you to play the band's new video, "Skim Milk", as it's a slab of fantastic electro-tinged post-punk of the sort that early Factory Records bands would routinely crank out on the other side of the ocean, some 3 decades ago. With Baker pounding out a beat that sounds ripped from an old Joy Division 7-inch, Taylor and Daniel croon and unleash the hooks of the cut. What's here is remarkably more streamlined than earlier, noisier Flasher releases. And yet, to acknowledge that is not to suggest that the Flasher sound has been watered down but, rather, like a knife, it's been sharpened to a new level of lethality. Excellent!

Flasher's debut full-length record will be out later in 2018 on Domino. For information on earlier Flashers releases, check out the Sister Polygon site, or the Bandcamp stuff linked below.

[Photo: Audrey Melton]