Friday, March 2, 2018

Make It Real: A Quick Word About The New Album From Suuns

The music of Montreal's Suuns is a hard thing to describe. Hopping over a bunch of genres, the edgy indie-pop found on the band's new record, Felt, out today on Secretly Canadian, is really great stuff.

Opener "Look No Further" offers up a blend of electro-pop and charging post-punk that suggests a few dozen fine influences, while "Watch You, Watch Me" suggests a unique, albeit odd, blend of Queens of the Stone Age and Stereolab. Elsewhere, the rhythmic "After The Fall", and the sinister "Control" and "Make It Real", cover territory that should seem familiar to fans of Joy Division and basically any post-punk bank from Manchester in the early Eighties, while the more lyrical "Make It Real" offers up a rather lovely melody. As Felt closes on the New Wave of "Materials", a listener can marvel a bit at the range within the rather narrowly-defined scope of the sound of Suuns, with the bits and pieces here that seem hard to categorize serving as proof at the excellence of this band and record.

Felt is out now via Secretly Canadian. More details on Suuns via the band's official Facebook page, or the band's official website.

[Photo: Joe Yarmush]