Saturday, February 24, 2018

Up Way Up: A Review Of The New One From we capillaries (Feat. Davis White Of Lorelei)

Recorded mostly in an ice hockey rink, the new one from we capillaries is something special. People Food sees front-man Pierre Davis and an assorted cast of players blend elements of prog and jazz-rock with flashes of modern indie and folk. On paper, it sounds like it shouldn't work, but the end result, recorded by Davis White of Lorelei, is a record full of truly invigorating, adventurous music.

"I Don't Wanna Know The End", for instance, sees Pierre Davis pursue a sort of languid brand of post-punk, even throwing in some played typewriter to made it truly something avant-garde, while the more playful "Open Sores" uses a faint reggae-beat to carry things forward, hints of The Police and even Eighties XTC showing up here, with Hewson Chen (Lake Ruth, The New Lines), adding a very insinuating run on the bass to this number too. "New Cachette" builds, a slow-burn straddling of a few disparate genres, while the more supple "Midnight Sun" edges closer to the sort of material that bands like Silver Jews or Pavement dabbled in on occasion. This cut is a bit of languid art-rock with Pierre Davis' vocals determining the momentum of the material, while album closer "Up Way Up" sees Pierre Davis offer up some of his best guitar-work on the record, as drummer Davis White anchors the cut with some forceful work on the kit.

The music of we capillaries is all over the map. Attempting to pin down what's on the fine People Food to any one genre will result in some confusion for a reviewer. Still, this isn't really too out there and, thanks to Pierre's duties as the front-man and multi-instrumentalist here, the album has a certain charm that's easy to latch on to. Solidly post-punk, we capillaries are making some really exciting music that challenges as much as it pleases. Dig it!

People Food by we capillaries is out now. ♫ People Food - We Capillaries. Listen @cdbaby: Click to listen at CDBaby

[Photos: Davis White]