Monday, January 15, 2018

The Hype: A Look At The New One From Shopping

The new record from Shopping is nearly here and it is the sort of thing worthy of a lot of hype. Called The Official Body, the record drops on Fat-Cat Records on Friday and it's every bit as rhythmically fierce as the band's previous releases, maybe more so.

If opener and lead single "The Hype" features a title that seems to acknowledge the excitement around most of this group's work, it's a good thing that the music actually lives up to the...hype. Elsewhere, the spindly "Asking For A Friend" sounds a tiny bit like both The Raincoats and early Sleater-Kinney stuff, while "Shave Your Head" nods in the direction of hardcore sensibilities, and the more languid "Control Yourself" bubbles with a kind of dub-heavy momentum. At their very best, Shopping manage to render even a slight number like "My Dad's A Dancer" with a nimble sense of purpose, and a whole lot of lyrical wisdom.

Blending the influences of U.K. post-punk and a kind of riot grrl-worthy sense of mission, Shopping have so far managed to release records of unflagging energy and genuine infectiousness. The Official Body is perhaps the band's strongest release to date with nary a moment of dissipation to be found on the album.

The Official Body is out on Friday via Fat-Cat Records.

More details on Shopping via the band's official Facebook page.

[Photo: CJ Monk]