Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rules: A Quick Review Of The New Album From Khruangbin

The music of Khruangbin defies description. It is a blend of Seventies drive-in movie-stuff, Tex-Mex rhythms, and a mix of about a dozen world music bits and pieces. The band's newest record, Con Todo El Mundo, out Friday on Dead Oceans, is a blast of energy, and one of the best releases of a week littered with big releases.

On a number like "Maria Tambien" there's something going on that sounds like surf rock of the sort that Tarantino might throw onto the soundtrack of one of his flicks, while "Shades of Man" nods faintly in the direction of Seventies soul. Elsewhere, "Rules" and "A Hymn" are more languid and expansive, while "Lady and Man" bops along with a real sense of looseness, a bit of free jazz jutting up against something closer to an odd pop tango, for lack of a better comparison point.

Khruangbin -- Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson on drums -- are one of the most unique acts in the post-punk world today. Their music is utterly unlike anything you're going to hear these days, and it is also infectious and a whole lot of fun.

More details on Khruangbin via the band's official website, or official Facebook page. Con Todo El Mundo is out on Friday via Dead Oceans.

[Photo: Mary Kang]