Friday, October 20, 2017

Time To Forget: A Few Words About The New One From David West

The new album from David West and Teardrops, Cherry on Willow, is a rich stew of influences. Everything from glam-rock to New Wave to post-punk shows up here. The record, out today via Tough Love Records, not only references those key styles from rock's past, but it remains a blast of fresh musical energy.

Opener "Morning Rain" purrs in the manner of Nineties Luke Haines releases, while the boogie rock of the title cut echoes some of the best T. Rex stuff. Elsewhere, the spacious and space-y "Time to Forget" sounds a bit like a Bowie number, or something from Suicide with more varied levels of instrumentation. The disco-tinged "Soft" percolates with a nice rhythmic sense, while the excellent "Swan's Beat" marries a glam-stomp to Eighties-influenced electro-pop styles.

As much credit as David West undoubtedly deserves for Cherry on Willow, lots ought to go to the players here, notably Raven Mahon of Grass Widow, Bob Jones of Eaters, Louis Hooper of Rat Columns, Mikey Young of Total Control, and a few others. David West and Teardrops make music that largely defies easy genre labels, even as it draws some easy inspiration from a few obvious touchstones.

Out as of today on Tough Love Records, Cherry on Willow is one of this week's boldest releases. More details on David West and Teardrops via the band's official Facebook page.