Friday, October 27, 2017

The Ocean Inside: A Few Words About The New Album From The Seven Fields Of Aphelion

The new album from The Seven Fields of Aphelion, Keep The Ocean Inside, out today on Rad Cult, is a tough record to describe. Largely the product of Maureen Boyle, the music here on the new record from The Seven Fields of Aphelion is atmospheric and atypical of what's passing for indie these days.

A number like "Horizon Obscure" straddles the line between ethereal and abrasive through a mixture of electronic effects and melodic elements, while the more compelling "The Crossing" glides by on the strength of the cooing of Boyle mixed in with the electronic textures. Elsewhere, the epic-length song-cycle of " Triptych/Going Under/The Blur/The Way Beyond" sees the keyboard treatments and atmospherics layered, Eno-like, over a melody that rides the piano-like patterns in the manner of a number from Harold Budd. Similarly, "The Ocean Inside" succeeds at serving up something that is equal parts Victorialand as it is, say, Thursday Afternoon. Boyle has a knack for making this work without a lot of extra pieces cluttering up the sounds. The music of The Seven Fields of Aphelion hits a sort of peak on the simple and crystalline "True North", a succinct summation of the charms of this record.

Keep The Ocean Inside is out today on Rad Cult. More details via the band's official website.

[Photo: Uncredited promotional picture]