Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scene Here: A Quick Review Of The New One From Sisters

The new one from Sisters, Wait Don't Wait, is the band's second full-length release in 2017. Out on Friday via Tender Loving Empire, it is a lively set of indie-pop. In fact, the band manages to hop over a few genre labels with a nice sort of ease.

Emily Westman and Andrew Vait are Sisters and the duo kicks things off here with the rollicking "Scene Here" and the more New Wave-flavored "Heart Beats". Elsewhere, the less-jittery "Bird" and "Glitter Lights" serve up sleek and lush electro-pop, while "Y Do U Take So Long?" refines that formula down into something approximating Eurythmics at their best. Closer "Love You Too" showcases the rich vocals of Emily Westman to great effect.

Wait Don't Wait is largely a fun record, and it's at its most fun when Sisters don't seem to be trying too hard. Westman and Andrew Vait have a way with a jaunty melody and lots of this is a blast. Full of tunes and buoyant hooks, this new one from Sisters is a nice little surprise for listeners this Fall.

Wait Don't Wait is out on Friday via Tender Loving Empire. More details on Sisters via the link below.

[Photo: Stanton Stephens]