Monday, October 30, 2017

Play New Video From Shopping Here!

The U.K. band Shopping released a fine debut album a few years ago and it seems hard to believe now that it's been 2 years since their last full-length record. But the band has been away gestating something great as they continue prepping their upcoming new album, The Official Body, which drops on Fat-Cat Records in January. I'm sure the long-player will be every bit as essential as the band's first 2 offerings and I feel confident saying that having seen the new video from the group.

"The Hype" sees Shopping have a pool party of sorts while the propulsive track plays underneath. Subversive, on-point, and a whole lotta fun, the cut is a nice taster of the upcoming release. You can play it below and then head over to the band's official Facebook page for more details on Shopping between now and January.

[Photo: CJ Monk]